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A Site for Me!

Hello all,

As someone who's thrown themselves into the arena of film writing on the internet for over half a decade, I figured it was time to make a headquarters for all those stray thoughts while also promoting my work. Kind of a hub for my doings, if not for people to actively keep tabs on then at the very least to document it all in one easy place. I'd rather lose all my things on my own terms than those of Letterboxd regardless-that site can barely hold itself together after taking my freakin Patreon money for 3 years! I still love it though. My plan for this blog at first is to focus more on long form essay type writing here that would feel out of place on that website, while transferring in some of my reviews that I am proud of to start us off with some kind of collection of works here. Obviously, I've been on that website since I was 15, so if some of the things I've written happen to fade off the planet I would be perfectly fine with that; others remain pieces I'm proud of! We'll take it easy here. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to scroll through here and consider any of my film thoughts, and hope to foster a site that doesn't waste the time of your eyeballs. Enjoy!

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